My Navy Valentine

Navy Valentine Bra

The other week I shared some lovely navy embroidered tulle I got on my recent travels and decided to use it in a bra for Valentine's Day using the altered pattern from last week's Mock Cherry bra.

This tulle is truly beautiful and I wanted to do it justice. I couldn't figure out what colour findings to use with it so asked the ladies on my Facebook Group - Braphoria - to help me choose. Ultimately, Black Cherry findings were chosen and then it was just a question of deciding how to get the most out of this lovely fabric.

I decided to showcase the scalloped edge on the neckline and on the band, so a longish line bra was the right way to go. The next thought process was all about making the band look balanced - which meant locating a single flower at the middle of the bridge to draw the eye.

I also mentioned in my Mock Cherry post that I do better with a power bar. But in integral or external one would detract from this lovely fabric so I drafted an internal power bar out of sheer cup lining.

The cup kept it's diagonal seam and was also lined with sheer cup lining. 4 layers of flimsy fabric can be quite challenging to subdue as it feeds under the machine, which is why I like to use pins - and lots of them!

I really love the finished result, it's very comfortable and super pretty. Things I'd change: 1. the sliders at the top of the cup where the strap attaches was a bit too wide. I donn't like that so I will be changing that this weekend.

I also think I can still take a little extra out of that cross cup, which you can see from those small wrinkles at the side.

Navy Valentine Bra

But I'm really splitting hairs here and there is lots to be very happy with. That neckline lies against the breast really beautifully, and the longish line showcases the scalloped edge without curling up.

Navy Valentine Bra

And although I couldn't pattern match the lower cup, the pattern matching on the upper worked very well and is what the eye is drawn to, giving the bra a balanced, symmetrical look.

Navy Valentine Bra

So all in all, it was a really good Valentine's Day for me. I hope yours was just as successful!

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