Who is Marsha Lawrence?

This coming week the Canadian blogosphere is going to go boudoir-batty and corset-crazy as the Canada Cups Blog Tour kicks off. This year, a group of talented Canadian sewing bloggers will be grabbing their seam rippers and sharpening their pencils in an effort to review all of Craftsy's lingerie, bra and corset classes!

Marsha Lawrence is the powerhouse behind the Canada Cups Relay. She has herded wayward bloggers away from their sewing machines to write their posts, cajoled the IT-illiterate into embracing widgets and generally ensured that everything got done!

She is also the lady who convinced Craftsy to donate a prize for the Giveaway in the Canada Cups Tour - a bundle of 3 classes from their entire library! Way to go Marsha!! Here's the link if you want to register for the chance to win that great prize!: Canada Cups

But who is Marsha Lawrence? She is the author of Seam of my Pants, is beautiful, clever, possibly a little crazy and resides in the East of Canada. I wanted to introduce you to her and her blog, because Marsha is talented and totally hilarious. Definitely a blog to follow to put a smile on your face.

So here's a little bit about Marsha, in her own words:

1. What's Your Biggest Sewing Success

It might sound a little weird, but everything that involves my BFF, CC, ends up weird somehow. My biggest sewing success was an apron I self-drafted a couple of years ago. It’s a full apron with orange and juice appliqués and she refuses to wear it.

2. What's Your Biggest Sewing Failure?

This is still making me giggle to think about it. Big failure was a tutorial I was writing for a friend’s blog. I designed a library book bag, and wrote the instructions. Then I tried several times to test it. Failed to follow my own directions every single time. That led my friend to exclaim after I’d screwed it up the third time, “Instruction? Who needs instructions?? We don’t need no stinking instructions!” It’s become our hacking war cry since then.

3. Biggest Sewing Fear?

My biggest sewing fear is just like everyone else’s. I don’t want to cut into my fabrics because, heaven forbid! I might think of a better project to make with it just after I’ve chopped it up. That is everyone’s fear isn’t it? Please don’t leave me hanging here...

4. You are happiest when…

I’m happiest when I’m surrounded by books and fabric, my bills are paid and my cats have all the nom-noms they can eat. Or maybe it’s when I rescue another kitten. Maybe it’s when I walk out of the airport into a new country and the whole world seems reborn to me. Sometimes it’s when I’m playing disco or country music and singing at the top of my lungs.

5. Best Craftsy class ever is…

I’m so not stepping in that pile! Uh-uh!

6. Bra size!!!!!

36 A+ on the left and A on the right.

7. The best thing about being a woman is…

the prerogative to have a little fun, and oh-oh-oh … Sorry, that’s Shania’s line. The best thing about being a woman is...

8. What advice would you give to all women thinking about sewing lingerie?

Stop waiting for advice and go do it if you want to do it.

9. What is your Super Power?

I have several. I can read minds. (There’s some scary stuff in most of them.) I’m also an irresistible magnet to stray kittens.

10. Please send me some photos.

OY!!! I hate pichures!

Canada Cups Relay kicks off tomorrow, with a post by The Fairy Bra Mother herself introducing the rest of bloggers involved and hinting at whats to come, including some great discounts on the classes being reviewed. Go and check out Marsha - she's awesome.

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