Ivory & Lavender

Testing for Lavender & Lace is complete!

New colourway for Lavender & Lace

The pattern has had a thorough testing and it's almost time to make it available to a wider audience! I've spent many hours on this bra - both in perfecting the design and in understanding how it works on different bodies and I'm thrilled to say that it's almost ready to share with you all.

Why 'almost' and not completely ready? Well, that's because I'm putting the finishing touches to the new website that will host this bra and others going forward as well as being the portal through which you can order your kits for your very own Lavender & Lace.

Yes, you heard right - kits!! I'm not opening a full online store that sells everything, there are some amazing ones out there already, but I am going to be curating beautiful kits with high end fabrics and laces to help transform your bras from everyday into extraordinary.

And as part of this, I want Lavender & Lace to be available in a couple of colours, so I've been shopping (not the hardest thing I've ever had to do!) and I've been testing trims and fabrics so that I can be ready to give you 3 glorious options.

You will by now be familiar with the original Lavender & Lace, so let me introduce you to Ivory & Lavender:

It's the same bra, same design, same construction method, but it looks quite different in this ivory satin edged with fabulous lavender guipure lace.

Guipure lace

I made this one for a client over the summer and wow, I love it. I will have to make one like this for myself really soon!!

Ivory and Lavender

There's also a third colour way coming in Pink Champagne!! Just wait till you see it :)

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