Maiden's Blush Heather

Some of you may know that I have a 'thing' about beige bras. It's not that I object to them in principle, I think they look great on other people - but I object to them on me.

It's the result of a childhood of oversize breasts and ugly bras that were only available in beige when all of my friends were in frilly floral things and I felt ugly, odd and left out. So I have never, in my adult life, owned a beige bra. Should you feel the need to delve into my psyche, the full story of the beige-phobia is detailed here.

But it's not my only bra aversion. I have another. One I haven't disclosed previously. It's horizontal seams. Again, I don't object to them in principle, I think they look great on other people - again, I object to them on me.

Why? Well, a straight line on a curve looks curved and there seems to be something peculiar with my breast shape which means that a horizontal bra ends up looking like a curve, a curve that dips down on the outer making my boobs look...well, they look sad.

Here's a photo of me in a bra that has a horizontal. It's not a great fit, but illustrates my point.

I'm much more a fan of the diagonal which looks good on everybody! In fact the only way a horizontal looks good on me is if I draft a very subtle diagonal that looks like a horizontal!

And then Beverly Johnson brought us her Heather bra and it's just so lovely...but it works best using a horizontal. I really wanted to make one and I figured that if I was going horizontal I would face my other fear too and go beige....ish.

I had this beautiful lace in my stash.

It isn't quite beige, but it's definitely not a peach or pink either, so a couple of weeks ago, I asked for suggestions for the name of the colour on my Facebook page and got some wonderful suggestions. I've opted for Maiden's Blush as it sounds terribly romantic (although it's been a very long time since I was a maiden!) The full name of the colour is a combination of all the suggestions I received: Maiden's Blush with Old Rose, Taupe Sandalwood and Champagne.

I teamed it up with the light beige (there's that word again!) sheer cup lining, peach power net and elastics and whipped up some spaghetti straps out of duoplex and attached them to the top of the cup with a slider.

The instructions for how to create your own Heather are here on the Fairy Bra Mother's Blog plus example of other Heather's that are simply stunning. Here though, is my finished product:

Maiden's Blush Heather bra

It turned out much better than I could have imagined. The lace on the upper disguises my sad boobs and makes them look serene, if not entirely chipper.

The Maiden's Blush is pretty close to beige and I finally have a neutral bra in my lingerie drawer that is pretty and feminine and one that I am going to enjoy wearing!

Maiden's Blush Heather Bra

Maiden's Blush Heather Bra

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