Summer Wedding

There's something about Spring and Summer that brings out the romantic in all of us, and weddings abound. Indeed, the wedding season is very much upon us - which is the reason for a corset and bra set that I was asked to make.

I had the perfect fabric - this sheer non stretch floral fabric which I've had in my stash patiently waiting for just the right occasion. I think it's a Laura Ashley fabric, but I could be wrong.

The first to be made was the underbust corset. Made with white coutil with the floral applied to the top, I added a silver busk to it and started sewing. There's something so zen about corset making, and seeing the coutil start to fold in simulation of the wearer's shape is always so gratifying.

Once the corset was constructed, I was faced with a dilemma - and that was which colour satin to use to bind it with. I had 3 colours of satin to choose from - a deep purple, a pale pink and a soft green. The purple was stunning but too strong for the fabric, the pink a little insipid, but the green seemed to be just perfect.

Several hours later the binding had been hand stitched on and I was all ready to lace her up. I chose a ribbon in a deep eggplant shade of purple for this, it contrasts beautifully with the fabric and the green of the binding.

With the corset completed it was time to get started on the second part of this project - a bra to go with it. The bra, I knew, would get way more use than the corset after the wedding itself and I wanted it to evoke the romance of the day every time it was worn.

Cut and sew foam cups were covered in the same floral fabric as the corset, requiring a couple of small pleats at the bottom of the cup. I decided on a straight back band using plain white power net and was going to use fold over or elastic on the top band, when I thought that would like kind of...well, plain really. So I cut out another back band - this time a little longer, attached it to the frame and finished the edge with fold-over elastic which I bound in more of the green satin cut on the bias. Despite being cut on the bias, there was still less stretch in the satin than in the power net, which is why I had cut a slightly longer back band to compensate and to make sure that this bra would still close comfortably.

The result was really very tidy, and not bulky as I had feared. Of course, the top band is a little thicker than normal and you wouldn't want to wear this bra under a tight top as the band would show, but under a loose floaty summer top, or a winter sweater, it'll be just fine.

Having finished the frame and back band I turned to finish the cups, binding the top edge in in the same way as the frame/backband. I used some more of that deep eggplant coloured ribbon to finish the bridge with a sweet-water pearl nestled in there too.

Once completed, I decided that this set needed to be photographed outside on a beautiful Calgary morning. So without further ado, here's the finished set.

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