Wire Size Survey & Craftsy

There isn't a full blog post this week. It's because I'm wading through the vast amount of submissions received for the wireline survey and I've been crunching numbers for a couple of days and finding the information really fascinating - in a bra making geeky kind of way.

Wires galore!

So, to do it all justice, I'm going to be taking a little more time with this post in order to give you all some more substantial feedback.

To make it up to you though, I can share with you that I've been selected to be an affiliate for Craftsy! Yay!! I love Craftsy, and especially all of Beverly Johnson's bra making classes - they are great for making that first bra and full of useful tips to get you started on your bra making journey.

However, I also love it for lots of other reasons, I can admit to owning most of their knitting classes - Carol Feller's classes are a particular favourite - and the curtains in my parlour were made following the instructions provided in Susan Woodcock's amazing drapery class.

It just so happens that it's Craftsy's 5th birthday and they're offering some great specials. You can check them out here.

So while you go and browse Craftsy's specials, I'll get back to my number crunching! Survey results will be up next week!

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