Sea Foam

A couple of weeks ago, I realized that I'd been sewing non stop since the middle of February for a whole host of other people. This is great, it's what I do, but I felt I needed to up my self care and make a new bra for me, for Spring!

I had found this lace a little while ago, and I loved it. The white interspersed with the cool greeny-blue reminded me of sea foam, and it clearly wanted to be something light and frothy and super feminine.

I decided to use some cut and sew foam cups that I had lying around, these were already made as part of the Lavender & Lace testing process so I thought I could use them perfectly here.

I decided on a gothic arch, and to continue that frothy lace scalloped edge along the bottom of the band. I used a pattern I already had - using the frame and back band from my Peaches and Cream bra from last Spring. The straight back band looks so much more minimalist and light weight and I felt it was perfect for this.

Then came strap decisions. I really, REALLY wanted something incredibly dainty and narrow, but still very strong and sturdy. I was starting to think it was a pipe dream but then I decided to layer white ribbon with frilly white trim, topped with another layer of ribbon. It looked strong...but I had to test it. So I hung a 4lb weight on the end of the straps and waited to see what would happen.

I was very careful to ensure that the straps were attached at a number of places on the cup for maximum strength, and this cute folding detail hides a lot of those stitch lines.

I've never had such dainty straps and I totally love them!!

The finished bra is a frothy, feminine, lightweight creation that fits fabulously. The uplift on Lavender & Lace is really good and shaves a good ten years off my breasts!

The lace on the upper looks as though it stands a little proud of my breast, but this is merely the 1/8" thickness of the foam.

There are 2 darts in the bottom of the cup, needed to get the lace to sit nicely on the foam, but a little bit of fiddling with the lace placement means that these darts are virtually invisible and merge beautifully into the swirls of the pattern.

Yay, a new bra for me! A client saw this when she came for her fitting and asked for one just like it, so I'm off to make that now!!

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