Bra-making Parisienne Style!

Last week, I announced the winners of the Spring Giveaway. The winners were chosen by the ladies in my Intermediate Bra Class and all of them made La Parisienne in the gorgeous cameo rose colourway.

All of the ladies in the class had made their Beginner bra previously and were keen to challenge themselves and learn some new skills and techniques including:

  • working with sheer fabrics and lace

  • inserting boning

  • the magic of power bars

  • strap detailing

La Parisienne is a longline bra with a power bar built into the cup. It gives great shape and support and it looks super pretty.

Initially, the room was awash with chatter and laughter, but it was soon replaced by quiet concentration and more than a few expletives when they realized that working with multiple flimsy layers could be damn fiddly!

I didn’t recommend the ladies glue these layers together - they are both so lightweight and the lace so hole-y that they would only get glue all over their fingers. But not wanting to let them struggle unnecessarily, I recommended they used some quilting clips to secure their frame layers and make things a little more manageable.

La Parisienne Bra

Another thing that was surprisingly challenging was orientation of some of the cup pieces, chalk markers or fade out pens were barely visible on the lace and sheer cup and the inner pieces are very easy to get flipped upside down, so quite some time was spent ensuring everything was facing in the right direction.

However, once this was done, the quiet concentration was replaced by the hum of sewing machines. By the end of the first day the cups were constructed and inserted into their frames. One of the ladies couldn’t wait for hers to be finished!

On the morning of the second day, Amanda rewarded everyone’s good work the previous day with a homemade almond pastry and wow, was it ever delicious. Already full of coffee, and now cresting the sugar wave, the ladies were raring to go and before long, all the channeling and boning had been inserted and all that remained was the elastrickery and finishing off.

Once everything had been finished, there was an impatient queue to try on their new bras and show them off.

La Parisienne Bra

All the bras were beautifully made and most were surprised how comfortable their longline felt, having been used to the discomfort of ready to wear.

One of the ladies told me:

I love my new bra . I am still in shock that I produced such a beautiful bra.

Another posted a picture of herself on Facebook wearing it, declaring how much she loves it

Thank you for a fantastic class this bra was a dream and felt fantastic!!!!

Here's her photo:

La Parisienne Bra

As for me, I loved the class! The ladies are all amazing, entertaining, clever and wonderful company. Such a great weekend and beautiful work!

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