Cloning Around

In December of last year, which seems a life time ago now, I made this lovely tulle and sheer cup bra for a client of mine. It was cloned from her favourite bra style which she had loved and cherished so long that it was literally falling apart.

It really was time for something new, so she asked me to clone it for her.

Swiss Dot Tulle Bra

There have been many posts written on cloning bras and how to do it well, so I won't go over old ground, but instead, I want to share with you some of the surprising details that I found in the donor bra.

Donor bra

This lady LOVED this bra, despite a couple of niggly things about it. She didn't like how the bottom band 'bit' into her. Equally, she found that the wire was a little poky at the side, so much so, that her breast/ribcage where the wire rested had developed a small discoloured area, and something resembling a callous.

I discovered the cause of the digging bottom band quite quickly - despite this being a 38H bra, the bottom band elastic was only 3/8" wide! That is really very narrow and a size I would possibly only use on small ribcages with small cup sizes. I was shocked! This wasn't a cheap bra and I would have expected something different.

skinny little bottom band

The next surprise came when I removed the wire from the channeling - only to find that they had been inserted incorrectly. Quite possibly this was the cause for that 'poky' feeling. Again, I was really surprised, this is not what I would have expected.

Still, having found the likely causes for the niggly aspects of this bra, it was easy to clone it and then amend the pattern to incorporate the improvements that she wanted, namely a wider bottom band, and to insert the wires properly. I also changed the upper cup as my fabric didn't have any scalloped edging that I could use.

My clients final concern was that she wanted to make sure that there would be absolutely no bounce in her straps. I decided that a bra this lovely deserved better than strap tape, so I sewed a length of black velvet ribbon to some regular straps to ensure there would be no bounce as she ran up the stairs and to add a touch of luxury. The spot where the straps met the cups were decorated with a little bow.

The very thin fabrics on this bra made it a fiddly make, and I decided to cover the seams at the back with a little tape to tidy things up.

The sheer cup lining made for a lovely stable base layer, and this fun Swiss dot tulle made the final bra lightweight and playful; yet strong and supportive.

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