The Bridal Bra - Part 2: The Honeymooner

This week is the reveal on the Honeymoon set for my lovely bride-to-me. As you'll remember from The Bridal Bra, where I showed you the wedding day bra, these are bras that I made for a client overseas to be worn on her wedding day and on the first night of her honeymoon.

The wedding day bra being taken care of, it was time for something a bit racier for the first night of their honeymoon, incorporating some of the design parameters from the first bra. My client wanted to continue the longline design detail and loved the use of the red velvet ribbon.

So here then is the mock up I made for her - sexy and seductive but still with a couple of interesting design surprises.

Again, my client chose a full fabric cup, and this time there was nothing sheer in the cups, hinting at what lay beneath. Instead, this fab black lace with an almost tesselated pattern took it from being too floral and feminine, and provided some stronger lines.

By adding the velvet ribbon through the upper cup, I managed to get more crimson drama into this bra. The straps were to stay the same as previously - 2 lengths of the ribbon on either side. It was the seam lines in this bra that would get the attention. here the lower cup would be split, with the outer morphing into a power bar to give more of that great shape and projection.

The lace is very lovely and quite densely patterned. Despite the dense patterning, I wanted to give this bra the illusion of a delicate lightness. Generally the cups get the attention, but this time I thought it would be fun to play with the frame a little.

I had used bra tulle on the first bra, but here I chose to work with sheer cup lining under the lace. I decided to create some cut outs which would result in sheer 'pillars'.

I liked the look of it. The illusion of a partially self supported breast would be an interesting challenge. On the final version of this bra, I replaced the black bottom band elastic with I peach bottom band elastic, which is a better neutral skin tone colour for my client, especially in conjunction with the sheer cup lining, and it makes the area under the cups look even more bare.

Once the frame was put together it was a very straight-forward construction job. The lace is so lovely to work with and provided a decent amount of stretch so I used it to cover the back band also.

The Honeymooner Bra

It's very lightweight and comfortable, the cut-out's look amazing and it certainly got Mr. Weaver's approval. My bride-to-be also fell in love with it - but had to choose between this one and one other that I mocked up for her.

The Honeymooner Bra

I just love this lace. I love it so much that I want to give you a chance to try it for free! On Saturday, I'll be posting details of how you could win one of two kits so make sure you check my Facebook page from Saturday April 2 for details on how to make sure your name is in the draw!

Giveaway time!

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