Work in Progress

It's been a few weeks since I put pen to paper - or fingers to keyboard - to provide you all with something lovely to look at.

What can I say? Flu, snow, sick kids and a few non-bra related commissions have kept me busy elsewhere.

But this week has been a blast! Four courageous women took time off work and out of their busy lives to join me in the Beginner Bra Class at My Sewing Room, here in Calgary. They ranged in age, cup size and fitting challenges - but all had one thing in common : the desire to have a well fitting bra at a price that they didn't need to sell a kidney for.

This took determination, as the weather, which had been very mild for Calgary in November, decided to remind us all that it was indeed winter, and all of us had to brave a blizzard to get to class.

The things we'll do for boobs!

All the ladies were presented with a delightful little package containing their fabrics and findings, wires and a self-drafted pattern. Pin Up Girls Classic Bra Pattern was also provided to the ladies as the instructions are so clear, but the patterns themselves were drafted from the ladies' individual body measurements.

After some basic bra theory, it was time to get down to work! The intention of this class is for everyone to learn the techniques involved in bra making, and to get the fundamentals just right. So everyone made a basic white bra with a diagonal seam.

Basic white bra

When I told the ladies that I wanted them to use a contrasting thread colour they looked dismayed - 'that means we'll see all our mistakes!' was the cry. But that is exactly the point! Contrasting thread will clearly show what you did where, and serve as a reminder of what to do when making another bra; and any mistakes will remind you what not to do next time.

As it turned out, very few mistakes were made and all four ladies did excellent work. Only 1 strap was a little wayward but the seam rippers remained sheathed for the most part.

Here's a quick shot of the girls hard at work, with Maria indicating her satisfaction with her progress :).

Bra making fun

So how did things turn out? Well, here are a few quotes from the ladies:

...'it feels as though I'm hardly wearing a bra it's so comfortable'

... 'it fits so well, this is really emotional for me'

...on vertical wires : 'it feels wonderful. The bridge is snug to the wall just as it is supposed to be. Makes me feel like dancing!'

...'I am amazed how well it fit'.

Here's one of the finished bras, this one with a split bottom cup and just the last bits of casing to trim away. Beautiful work Gail!

The finished article

The final stage of the class comprised of another fitting to find out what areas needed further work, and what the ladies wanted to change as a matter of personal preference. All these were noted down and incorporated into a revised draft of each of the patterns, which are now all done and ready to be handed out at our post-class coffee and catch up next week.

A great couple of days spent with some very talented women!

And there's more good news! Anne, the owner at My Sewing Room has asked for more bra making classes to be included in their course offerings for next year! We are still working on the details, but once I have them, you will be the first to know. One thing I can share already - to all of you on the waiting list for a weekend bra class, keep some time free in Feb/March as it looks like we'll be locking in a weekend then!

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