Marrakech Bikini

Summer is here! We've had almost 30 degrees here in Calgary this week and I am loving it! Mr. Weaver and the mini Weavers are complaining, but not me!

Perfect weather to make this Marrakech bikini for a lovely client of mine.

Isn't this fabric gorgeous! I absolutely adore it - I found it at Fabric Fairy and knew instantly that I had to have it.

Beautiful swim fabric!

When it arrived, I was a tiny bit disappointed, as it greyed out when I stretched it.

Oh dear. I would have to use it as an accent colour in areas where there is less stretch... well, that was certainly do-able! And when this particular client arrived I knew it was the perfect fabric for her. I chose to make a Pin-Up Girls Rebecca which is one of the Three Sisters bikini pattern, which I had made before, but with a few tweaks of my own for a better fit for this lady.

The Rebecca pattern uses a cut and sew foam cup with a single vertical seam. I don't find that a single seam works very well on some busts, and it can leave your breasts looking a little flat so a I used the cups for the Lavender & Lace bra which were tailored to my clients measurements and altered for a partial band and used that instead. I love these cups and apparently so do you asI've had a number of requests to make the pattern for this bra available to you all - I'm working on it!

The bridge was made in the same way as you would for a partial band, the lovely Marrakech fabric lined with a bit of fusible interfacing, and I do believe I added a little duoplex for good measure.

I then had to add the front panel to the bra, which I also had to tweak to follow the Lavender & Lace cup. This is the pattern piece here:

The band and back was made quickly enough, 2 pieces of powernet as always, covered with more of that glorious fabric. The front panel was attached to the sides/band at this point. The top edge of the back band and underarm was finished using black binding which further secured the front panel to the underarm edge of the cups.

The lovely ruching detail at the bridge is really easy! A small length of strapping is simply tied at the bridge and it's done! I decided to add a little detail by adding these super cute beads at which I found at Michael's.

Added to the end of that short piece of strap, it makes a really nice finish!

Bridge detail - Marrakech bikini

There is a lovely design detail on the reverse of the Rebecca which removes the requirement for a clip fastening. It's really pretty, although not terribly supportive for the bigger bust. So my client had to choose - practicality over pretty, sexy over support. In the end she went for the pretty and sexy version, and this is the reverse:

Back - Marrakech Bikini

Isn't it lovely? And with her gorgeous skin and well toned back it looks even more fabulous! It's not going to withstand dive bombing into a swimming pool but for loitering with a cold glass of something bubbly, it is perfect!

Marrakech bikini

I made 2 bikini bottoms for this lovely top; the first has a slightly higher waist with a panel of that amazing fabric, the second a sexy Brazilian style with a ruched back for extra booty definition.

I am really pleased with how this set turned out and it's sure to turn a lot of heads for many summers to come!

Marrakech Bikini

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