Dragon's Blood

Another week has flown by with more unmentionable ideas flooding in every day. It must be the new energy of Spring that is bringing all this inspiration. And while it's wonderful, it's not without risk. I ended up with a rather nasty and deep cut in my finger caused by a momentary lapse in concentration while wielding sharp scissors and cutting corset boning. Ouch...

Still, the wonderful world of unmentionables may not be without risk, but the rewards are fabulous - take a look:

Dragon's Blood Underbust Corset

This underbust corset is made using the most stunning gold and deep burgundy silk brocade with images of peacocks in trees adorning it. The dark red, is a deep, dark colour that was surprisingly similar to the blood seeping out through my band aid.

I decided that I wanted to cinch the waist in on this one a little further than on Edelweiss and drafted the pattern accordingly. To add to the illusion of an exceptionally small waist, I wanted a solid fabric on either side of the front panel. The deep red in the brocade was perfect and I scoured the fabric store looking for something of the same colour. Eventually I found it - the perfect match in the deepest, darkest blood red. Dragon's Blood red.

Dragon's Blood and Gold Brocade

As well as deciding on colour blocking on this corset, I wanted to further accentuate the small waist so I decided to add a diagonal panel to the front in a V-shape. Optically, this draws the eye to the V of gold brocade which creates the illusion of an even smaller waist without compromising on comfort.


For this underbust, I used an antique bronze busk. Once this was put in place, I seamed the pieces together using the stitch-and-flip method and opted to use plastic boning. Constructing a corset is really very meditative and zen, and before I new it I was stabbing my fingers with a needle while handstitching on the binding. It was all worth it, Dragon's Blood is rather fabulous!

Dragon's Blood undercuts corset

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