Peaches & Cream

After a week without a new bra to show you, I hope you will find this one worth the wait.

This is Peaches & Cream and is the third bra in my Spring/Summer collection for this year. All the bra's include silk charmeuse, but not this one. It's the exception and is an all lace construction, frothy as the waves, light as a feather.

Peaches & Cream Bra

I've incorporated a lot of nice design details in this bra, which is made from a self-drafted pattern.

This balconnette bra has cut and sew foam cups covered in ivory and peach lace segments. Lavender & Lace showed a 3 segment cup, this time I went for 5 segments, carefully mirroring the pattern in each segment across both cups. Fold over elastic gives a clean edge at the top while the thinnest of ivory spaghetti straps give it a delicate look while still giving my heavier bust the support that it needs. These two 1/4" straps, positioned apart and meeting a third of the way up the strap give it an interesting look and ensures that the front of the bra isn't visually weighed down by wide straps; plus it makes it a pleasure to wear.


The band on this bra is a bit of a departure for me - the only duoplex in this bra, is in the straps. The frame is all lace, backed by 15 denier, with a small piece of sheer cup lining for strength to support the bridge. It makes it incredibly lightweight and pretty.

Peaches & Cream band

I decided to have the edge of the lace as another feature on this bra. In order to get a good pattern match, I couldn't cut the frame on the fold, and needed to add a seam allowance on the bridge so that I could connect the two halves once my pattern repeat on the lace had been identified. This beautiful scalloped edge could be shown to its best advantage by incorporating a gothic arch. This picture here shows the rear of the bra, with the arch elastics already in place.

Peaches & Cream reverse of gothic arch

This picture shows the front - I'm so pleased with the seam line and the lovely transition from the left to the right side of the arch. The pattern further up the bridge also joins beautifully, making it look like it's a small leaf, as opposed to a disjointed combination of swirls. This photo also shows how small my bridge is - the wires actually overlap at the top.

Peaches & Cream front Gothic Arch

Pattern matching between the frame and the back band was another concern, and I had to really plan out my lace to get a seamless transition on the side. On the back of the bra, I opted to use a T band instead of a scoop. I felt this would give it a lighter and more delicate feel. The 15 denier behind the lace gives it strength but keeps the frame sheer and light.

Peaches & Cream band

A pearl adorns the bridge, in the same way that it adorns the bridge of all my other Spring bras and adds a final elegant, peach touch to finish this bra off.


Peaches & Cream Bra

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