Alice Longline

In Calgary things are warming up - temperatures of +15 degrees this week! All this Spring/Summer bra-making must be working! To keep up the warm weather momentum, I opted for an extremely summery bra this week - the Alice Longline.

Alice Longline Bra

Isn't this shade of blue lovely? Paler than baby blue, I did a bit of research and found that this shade is referred to as Alice blue. I'd never encountered that before but I love it, I wonder if it's the shade of blue that Alice in Wonderland wore originally? Regardless, it's coolly beautiful, youthful yet refined. And in this charmeuse it's even more wonderful.

Alice Blue Silk Charmeuse

I've also had some lovely antique cream and peach coloured lace/ribbon trim in my stash for a while. I have been wanting to use it for ages, but the right thing never came along. Till now...

I cut the cups on the same lines as I did for Lavender & Lace (remember that I said in my Spring/Summer Inspiration, that the bra's would follow similar design lines, but with different results), and this time covered the seam lines with the trim. The effect was really pretty, and I liked what it did optically - the breast shape was rounder and I appeared 'perkier' as the eye is drawn to the trim. I thought it would be interesting to see if I could appear slimmer, or narrower, if I applied the trim to the bottom band of the bra, following the line where the cup trim met. It wouldn't be visible on a regular band bra, but on a long line, it could really accentuate the narrowness of the rib cage.

Making a long line bra is straightforward enough, yet it's easy to fall into the trap of merely extending the depth of the back band by a set number of centimetres. This could lead to problems as the back band is slightly angled, and drawing a line straight down will continue that angle, which could result in a poor fit and tightness if the person it is intended for does not angle in as much as your back band does.

Longline frame plus trim

It's therefore important to measure the point below the rib cage where you want your bottom band to sit and ensure your frame and back band accommodate that size. Although I do angle in quite sharply, I have a couple of protruding ribs which mean that I don't actually angle in as much as you would think, and I had to ensure that this was allowed for in order for the bra to fit comfortably.

By adding the trim to the frame where it meets the cups, it

Peach pearl bridge embellishment

The result is a super cute, exceptionally feminine bra that - were I many years younger - I might be tempted to wear as outerwear and not just underwear. I paired it up with the same panties from Lavender & Lace, but felt it could use something a bit more...

Alice Longline and panties

I felt I was missing an opportunity to extend the lovely lines from the bra elsewhere on the body. A garter was just the thing! I made this garter using Ohhh, Lulu's Theda pattern. I was tempted to add the peach and lace trim here but felt that would become visible under clothing, so instead left it simple, letting the garter straps continue the lines that the bra started. Paired with some lace topped stockings, the result is uber-feminine and looks amazing under a fitted dress.



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