Lavender & Lace

Those of you who read my previous post on my Spring/Summer inspiration will know that the theme is silk charmeuse in mother of pearl shades. So, on an unseasonably warm winter's day, with temperatures at a balmy 15 degrees C, it was the perfect time to make a start. Meet Lavender & Lace:

Lavender & Lace bra

This lavender charmeuse is truly wonderful. Such a soft, dusky shade - not the sweet pastel tones that I remember from childhood - it's much more grown up and it's stunning. So for this bra, I wanted to ensure that it was all about the lavender and to really let the fabric steal the show.

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Once these were done, I stared at my fabric for a little while. One of the things I love about charmeuse, is how, like satin, the light catches it differently depending on where the light hits it. It can have both light and dark patches all at the same time. I wanted to showcase that in this bra, and the best way I could think of doing this was to cut separate pieces of fabric for each segment of the the cups. This way, the separate pieces of fabric would be cut with the DOGS in different directions which would hopefully provide the look I was going for.

The downside to this was it would require some very precise cutting and sewing. This silk only has a small amount of 2-way stretch, so mistakes on the cutting and sewing would be hugely evident. Still, fortune favours the brave...

I also had some ivory stretch lace that I felt would look lovely next to this - so, design decisions made, it was all systems, go!

Lavender & Lace design sheet

Despite my earlier anguish, the cups themselves came together really easily. I'd double-checked my measurements and it covered perfectly. Some topstitching to secure everything in place and my cups were done! Phew!!


As I have a very narrow bridge, I'd decided the run the lace across the cups and the bridge in one continuous piece, to give a nicer flow. This also gave it a lovely, romantic, almost Victorian feel to it that was just gorgeous. Very simple lavendar straps were all that was required, but I had something a little more special in mind for my bridge embellishment. A small, fresh water pearl adorns the bridge of this bra. It's nestled amongst the lace, and gives the finished bra a real touch of elegance.

The bra had been about showcasing the silk; with the panties, I wanted it to be all about the lace. There's a couple of reasons for this apart from just the aesthetic one. Stretch lace panties are super glamorous, comfortable and don't require too much fussing about with leg elastic. Cut just the right way, the scalloped edge provides a lovely finish to the rear and the leg openings.

I made this pair out of a remnant of lace that I had. For the pattern, I altered the Ohhh, Lulu Lola pattern to allow for a different crotch construction (I wanted no raw edges in the pants) and I also altered the waistband height a little. Unfortunately, I didn't have quite enough lace left over to allow for a scalloped edge at the front, so I turned the raw edges under and cover stitched along these.


I had intended a little lavender bow as well as my pearl, but as previously mentioned - most lavender shades are far more saccharine than this one and I just couldn't get the right colour. Initially disappointed, I now realise that this actually works in my favour, as it will make these lovely little panties much more versatile, especially with one of the other Spring collection bra's that is in the works.

I am more than happy with the final result, the light does hit this bra in such a way that I get the light and dark I'd hoped for. The lace and the cut of the bra also gives that Victorian feel I mentioned earlier, heaving bosoms and all! Oh really, Mr. Darcy!!

Lavender & Lace bra

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