One more bra-maker!

It's often best to save the best till last. I have done that here - with one final Meet the Makers submission, from Kerri of Lady K's Wardrobe Unlocked.

Kerri has provided some amazing bras and unmentionables for the challenge.

Silver set

Kerri joined the challenge for the fun of it. Fabric, she says, is a medium in the same way that glass or metal is. To create something beautiful 'for the sheer joy of it' is something that humans do best. It's a wonderful way to phrase it, many of the bra-makers talked about 'catching the bug' and 'becoming addicted', but I think Kerri has nailed it - it's all about making something beautiful for the joy of it.

Of her favourite bras that she has made for the challenge, Kerri really enjoyed making the silver set, above. The 'Red All Over' teddy was another favourite and a great example of making something sexy and glamorous for the more well endowed lady. Whether it's the faux leather and lace bra that Ilna from South Africa cited as one of her favourites in the first Meet the Makers post, or any of Kerri's other work submitted to date, she challenges herself to make the same feminine and seductive undergarments usually reserved for smaller ladies.

She is currently challenging herself to come up with a range of nude bra's for women of colour. It's an amazing idea and I'm so looking forward to seeing her work in this area.

Her sexy red teddy

What is especially interesting is that Kerri hates bras. Yep, she is definitely NOT a fan. Yet the fact that she is making them shows how even the most ardent anti-bra proponent can be converted to the delight and comfort of a well-fitting bra. She learnt to make bras and uses Beverly Johnson's patterns which fit her so well, that for the first time in her life she is wearing bras that neither rub, poke nor leave marks.

Kerri has been sewing and knitting for over sixty years. At a Steampunk gathering, she ended up teaching a young woman to make an extremely complicated Victorian skirt. This young woman told her that she wanted to learn how to make bra's and she and Kerri becam 'Bosom Buddy's' and learnt together.

You can view more of Kerri's work on the Lady K's Wardrobe Unlocked page on Facebook. Don't worry if you don't have a Facebook account - you'll still be able to see her page. As well as unmentionables, you'll be able to admire her Victorian/Steampunk work which is amazing! Of her other bras, the one below is one of my favourites - a black bra with just a hint of racy animal print, I love it!

A little bit extra!

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