Plum Pretty

It's surprising what you can find in big old fabric warehouses. On my last visit to one here in Calgary, as I was wandering through the upholstery section, I spied a bolt of something plum coloured. On closer inspection, it revealed itself to be a lone bolt of plum coloured cut and sew foam. Clearly, it needed to come home with me.

I love this colour, it's warm like wine, strong enough to take bold lace and yet not as absolute as black, so there is lots of scope for creativity.

Plum Pretty Bra Design Sheet

I teamed this up with some very pretty lace that I recently found. The eldest daughter had found this and announced she wanted this draped over a black foam cup, and I will certainly do that for her. The result will be very fun and girly - black with contrasting pink flowers. Yet, I wanted to use this in a bra for myself too, to see if I could make something more grown up and classy. Enter some gorgeous celadon green satin.

The pieces lined up

I had a few additional demands on this bra, apart from grown up and classy. I wanted it to be a very pretty balconette bra. I took the pattern I had used for the Midnight bra, amended the dimensions a little and then cut a strip off it.

This became the template for the upper strip of the bra. Then it was time to cover the bottom part of the cups with the black and pink floral lace. Although this lace was really very stretchy, it covered beautifully. The satin was a different matter - slippery and reluctant, I fought with it for a while until I was able to get a smooth finish on the upper.

Next, I had to decide how I wanted to transition from the lace to the green upper. The trim I wanted to use was black lace but it had a black lace ribbon running through it which was all wrong for this.

First bra cup made

Fortunately, the ribbon wasn't sewn in place so it was easy to remove it and replace it with a more appropriate colour and apply it to the cup.

Satisfied with the result, I made the second cup, covered a black duoplex band with more of the floral lace and then considered my strap choices. Having a 30G bust means that thin spaghetti straps are not really an option. But this bra needed to look as though it had delicate straps. My options were:

  • Black duoplex

  • Black duoplex covered in green satin

  • Black duoplex covered in floral lace

  • Black duoplex with more of that black/dark pink ribbon trim.

The ribbon option had the best look and then all that remained was to apply the right bow and my very pretty plum bra was done!

Finishing touches to bra

I am immensely pleased with it, and the fit is great with lots of uplift and oomph!...

...but something was missing - yep, panties!

So there we have it, a plum pretty bra with matching panties. Lovely. Just lovely.

Plum pretty set

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